Only currently enrolled students and employees can schedule on-campus visits at this time

  • Use the options in the boxes below to book a visit
  • Follow all Returning to Campus procedures before heading to a Dallas College location.
  • Campus visits must be scheduled 24 hours before appointment time
  • if you are unable to attend an appointment, please use the cancellation link located in your confirmation email

Tutoring Meetings

Online Tutoring offered at each campus, more details at Tutoring Services


On-Campus Tutoring follow steps below to schedule on-campus meeting

  1. Select an On-Campus Tutoring Calendar from the menu below
  2. On calendar view, click on the Register button to begin scheduling


Library and Computer Lab Visits

Online Library Assistance available on the Libraries website


On-Campus Library and Computer Lab Visits follow steps below to reserve study space or computer

NOTE: Study spaces and computer use are for two-hour blocks of time

  1. Click the Library Reservation button below
  2. On the New Reservation page, use drop-down for selections
  3. Click Next Available or Go to Date on Single Booking page
  4. Click on an available time to select it and on Submit Times to reserve

Thank you for helping to keep Dallas College Campuses safe